Day 5 – Time to Relax

Well, now we are taking it up a notch as far as accommodation and food.  We are now at Relais Mahana in Huahine.  This resort has about 20 hut-type units right on the beach.  We were up early again, so went for a walk trying to round the bottom of the island to get to the east side to watch the sunrise, but we were about 20 minutes too late.  After about a 20 minute walk, we found a beach access, which was also a Marae (a sacred Polynesian religious and social site).  We spent some time on the beach there before returning to the resort for a buffet breakfast.  Part of my breakfast included baguette and brie, which I’ve eaten more of this trip already than in the past few years.

We spent the rest of the day on beach chairs and wandering the beach.  Had lunch at tables in the sand and sat on our own terrace.  We plan to do an island tour in a couple of days but it was nice to have a slower pace today and just enjoy the surroundings.

The late afternoon included Graham going out for a snorkel while I took the camera out, and just enjoyed the sunshine.  Graham told me that I have to get in the water as there are thousands of fish all around us. He found Nemo!  I will be jumping in for a look tomorrow.


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