Day 8 – Travel to Bora Bora


Our flight to Bora Bora left at 5:30 pm.  We had to be out of our room at 11:00 am, but stayed at Relais Mahana for the day.  So we got into the water early for some more snorkelling before we had to pack up.  Sandi enjoyed the sheer volume of the fish in the lagoon, and checked out the clown fish again. I went in search of some rays and was not disappointed.  I swam out across the deep water that is closer to the beach to the far side where it starts to get shallow again and came across an eagle ray, probably 30 feet or so below me.  Following that one were three more!  I probably watched them for 20 minutes, just glide along the bottom.  Sandi also got in another loop of the lagoon on the stand up paddle board.

Then it was time to pack.  We set our wet gear out in the sun, and in a few hours it was completely dry. From there it was beach time to enjoy the weather and the view for the rest of the afternoon. We saw the wedding party, although not the wedding itself.  We had a great lunch at Chez Tara again.


The flight landed just as the sun was setting.  Pretty awesome.  We had a ferry ride into town where a bus picked us up and took us to our place.  The rooms are getting progressively smaller!  Martine works for Jacques, our host, and met us at the gate to welcome us and show us around.  She is very enthusiastic about Bora Bora.  Our room is right on the beach!


We were tired from an early start (more sunrise photos) and the lagoon time, so it was over to the restaurant directly next door for some dinner.  They make pizza for about $17 each which we will be checking out, but for dinner I had the special which was a paella and Sandi had a risotto.  Expensive, but very large portions.  Mine had 6 full fresh prawns (heads and all).  We pretty much collapsed after that.

Bike riding tomorrow.

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