Day 11 – Kayaking Bora Bora

Tuesday was a relatively quiet day.  We began with a kayak trip across the lagoon.  Our original plan was to go the farthest motu and pack a picnic lunch.  There looked to be a public sandy beach there.  However, when we went to get the kayak, we were told that we had to have it returned by 12:30 and also weren’t allowed to take the kayak that far on account of a strong current in a channel, so that altered our plans.

Instead, we paddled around two small islands that are owned by the Sofitel resort.  The back side of the main island is where the big coral garden on Bora Bora is.  We were able to pull our kayak onto a rocky shore right beside it.

The coral garden is awesome!  Fish everywhere, all of them looking for a snack.day11-snorkel2

There is a “I ❤️ Bora Bora” design made out of rocks on the bottom of the lagoon at the coral garden.  So, I decided to take the time make our own design, “Brynne ❤️”


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