Day 12 – Bora Bora to Moorea

We were getting picked up for our airport transport at 10:10 this morning, but we missed out on the manta rays the other day, so we decided to give it another shot and arranged for an 7:30 pick-up by Vincent for a 2 hour outing.  We swam again for an hour but unfortunately no manta sighting.  He thought maybe they had gone somewhere to give birth, which causes them to change location for a short time.  However, the views in that area are great.  It’s quite deep but with huge coral reefs – very interesting to look at and lots of schools of fish going by.  My highlight (Sandi here) was 2 tiny little orange stripy fish, about 1 inch long at most, who stuck right by my mask for about 5 minutes.

We got back, had quick showers and were off on our travels to Moorea.  Bus to the ferry dock, boat to the airport, 45 minute flight and then about a half hour to our new place.


Cloudy day with a bit of rain.  We dropped our stuff in the room (hut) and went to get lunch before they stopped serving for the afternoon.  Then we took bikes to a roadside fruit stand and a little grocery store to get some supplies.  These bikes look newer than the ones we’ve had previously, but don’t even have hand brakes.  We had to get used to pedalling backwards to stop, like we haven’t done since our bikes had huge banana seats on them when we were 8 years old!


We had a quick snorkel here but it was nothing compared to yesterday.  There is quite a current out front and the water is cooler than Bora Bora.  There is a better spot that we plan to take a canoe to tomorrow.  The forecast isn’t great for tomorrow but better for Friday, so we plan to do some touring up some mountains (not on bikes with no gears!) to get the good views of the 2 main bays here.  Not sure yet if we’ll join a tour or rent a car.

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