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Day 11 – Matira Beach

After a leisurely lunch at our room we spent the afternoon on Matira Beach.  As we’ve said in previous posts, Matira Beach is gorgeous, and is rated on several lists as the best beach in the world.  We walked out maybe 200m and the water never went over our chins.  We discovered the odd stingray following us around a few times, but otherwise it was clear beautiful water, white sand on the lagoon floor, with the odd piece of coral or a Polynesia version of a star fish to navigate around.  Just enjoying the sun and views on our last full day on Bora Bora.

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Day 9 – Cruising Around Bora Bora

Bike ride day!  Bike rentals were included with our package at Village Temanuata in Bora Bora, and Sundays generally are a day where not a lot happens on the islands (boy did we find that out!) so we decided to do the bike ride today.  What a spectacular day for it.  It was a tad windy, and the forecast called for partly cloudy skies.  I think we saw about 3 clouds all day.

The bikes were cruisers. Old, rusty, no gears, and not exactly tight bolts everywhere cruisers. But they did the job.

Our place is at Matira Point, on the very southern end of the main island of Bora Bora.  We headed East, around the less populated side of the island first.  Our agreement was to stop when we wanted to, do what we wanted to, and take pictures of what we wanted to without worrying about the time.  Our first stop was about 3 minutes after we started riding.  And it went from there.  Spectacular views around every corner.  The colours of the water were like nothing we’ve ever seen before.

There was one hill, which if we were riding with gears we would have handled no problem, despite how steep it was, but the fixed ring gears killed us both.  I almost made it, but Sandi decided to walk her bike up.  That was one thing that made me grind my teeth as we were riding, seeing lots of mountain bikes with good gears, and even one road bike.  At the top of the hill we met four riders going the other way, in riding gear and on nice bikes.  Turns out they live on Bora Bora, although I guessed that they have retired here from France somewhere.  They took some pictures for us.


One of the main attractions of Bora Bora is the mountain, Mt. Otemanu.  Given that we rode around the island we had a 360 degree view of it, and took pictures from many angles.  It is just awesome to look at.

One of our fun stops was when Sandi spied a swing suspended from a branch over the water.  She decided she would try it, but figured it might sag into the water if she sat on it, so she stood on it instead.  Good choice as the branch was very thin and when she stood on it she sunk to the bottom.  Good thing is was shallow.


Sundays are for families in French Polynesia and we saw lots of small gatherings as we rode around.  Sundays are also for church, and we happened to be in the right place at the right time to see a parade.  It was fun to stop and watch them march by.


Here is the downside of Sunday: we were on the lookout for a bathroom, and couldn’t find anywhere open that had one, pretty much anywhere on the island.  We were told the public wharf had restrooms, but when we got there we were told they are closed on Sundays.

We finally found a place selling gelato that had a restroom we could use.  We were very happy to pay them back for using it by buying some fabulous ice cream.  Sandi had the strawberry cheesecake, and I ordered a double, mango and passion fruit.  So good.  The guy who owns the place was there and told us he had opened only a couple of months previously, that he was from Italy, and was the Italian Chef at the Pearl Beach Resort.  He said that he and another chef realized there was nowhere on Bora Bora to buy good ice cream, so they opened this place.  I highly recommend it.  Iorana Gelato in Viatape.

We finished with a ride past Matira Beach, rated the best beach in the entire world.  I can see why.  We stopped probably three times just as we rode along it.  Fabulous.


When we got back to our place naturally we had to go for a swim to cool off.  I hadn`t planned to snorkel, but once we were out I decided I wanted to.  Sandi wanted to too.  Was I glad we did.  Moments after we got out to the first coral we saw a lone eagle ray swim past.  They are so cool to watch.  Sadly, I didn`t have the GoPro with me, so no pictures this time.

We are heading back to Matira Beach to watch the sunset, so we will have more photos to post later.


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